2020 New Year’s Dates

If you live in one of the countries or cultures who celebrate January 1 as the start of a new year, Happy New Year! But as Shante’ Keys learns, the holiday is celebrated on different days around the world.

Jan 10FridayMahayana / Buddhist New Year
Jan 14TuesdayOrthodox New Year
Jan 25SaturdayChinese New Year / Spring Festival
(Year of the Rat)
Jan 25SaturdaySeol-nal / Korean New Year
Jan 25SaturdayTet Nguyen Dan / Vietnamese New Year
Feb 24MondayDangpa Losar / Bhutanese New Year 
(Year of the Male Iron Mouse)
Feb 24MondayLosar / Tibetan New Year
Feb 24MondayTsagaan Sar / Mongolian New Year 
(Year of the Iron Male Mouse)
March 21SaturdayEid Nowruz / Persian New Year
Apr 13MondayLaotian New Year
Apr 15WednesdayBihu / Bengali New Year
Apr 17FridayBurmese New Year
Aug 16SundayParsi New Year
Aug 20 *ThursdayIslamic New Year / Hijra New Year (1442)
(Umm al-Qura)
Sep 19 *SaturdayRosh Hashanah / Jewish New Year (5781)
Nov 14SaturdayDiwali / Hindu New Year
* Observation begins at sunset of the previous evening
Golden Dumplings bring good luck on Chinese New Year!