I am a Chicago girl.

It means I love the Cubs, the Sox (when they’re not playing the Cubs), the Bears, Bulls, and Blackhawks. It means I love the Fighting Illini. It means I hate losing but have a lot of experience with it.


It means I love the skyline and the order of the city. It means Daniel Burnham is a hero. It means I majored in urban planning and like old buildings.

Public Library, Harvey, Ill.
Carnegie Library, Harvey, Ill.

It means I love libraries, especially old ones. It means I practically lived in my library when I was growing up.

hoppin john

It means traditions are important. It means if it was New Year’s Day and I didn’t have black-eyed peas, I would have to go to the store. Right away.


It means I like to create things, but I hesitate to call myself an author or an artist because, well, I am still learning. But I still like to create and hope that people find some joy in my work.